If I Built a House


After a year, I thought we were finally settled in our new home. I was wrong. As soon as I brought home If I Built a House by Chris Van Dusen, ML wanted to renovate.

She wants an art room, a flying room, a racetrack room, a fish tank room and a detachable plexiglass playroom to fly around the world. With only 900 square feet, she’s gotta be happy with an art nook in the dining room.

Another of Chris Van Dusen’s books is If I Built a Car. When ML was four, she wanted to know where I got my car. I told her, “It was Grandma Nell’s car. Papa gave it to me when she died.” She thought for a minute. Then, said, “When you die, can I have this car?” She’s changed her mind. My 13-year-old Honda can’t compete with a Jaguar.

I think we’ll read If I Built a Car. Then, ML can design a car in her new art nook.


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