In Atlanta for Easter 2012, we visited the High Museum of Art. There was a “Picasso to Warhol” exhibit. I paid the extra money to enjoy some world famous art with ML. She flew through the exhibit; didn’t stop to take in the artistic elements of even one painting. “What a waste of money,” I thought.

On the flight home, I opened Sky Magazine. There was a picture of “Girl Before a Mirror” . . . the Picasso I barely glimpsed while trying to keep up with ML. In that crowded little airplane seat, ML turned to me excitedly, “MOM, That’s the painting we saw!”

Recently, we read The Museum by Susan Verde. Peter Reynold’s illustrations are magical. Children absorb information even when we think they aren’t noticing things. ML stopped me on page ten. She said, “Mom, that looks like one of the paintings we saw in Atlanta.” A sketch of a Picasso was on page ten.

I guess it was money well spent. Last night, I bought The Museum. More money well spent.


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