Mom, “That’s a Trapezoid”

Today, I am focusing on shapes at storytime. ML didn’t preview the books. She’s way to advanced for them. Last November, she asked me to name a shape. In my kindergarten days, we called it a diamond. ML corrected me, ” Hello Mom. It’s a trapezoid.”

Yesterday evening, ML excaimed, “Wow. Look at that cool car.” The doors rotated vertically instead of horizontal. Like my description? I don’t know a trapezoid, but I can describe scissor-doors. I confess, the description is from Wikipedia.

A few miles down the road, ML said “When I buy a car, I am getting a Jaguar. Earlier in the day, she told me, “I am going to be a lifeguard for awhile. Then, I’ll be a teacher.” I explained, “Teacher’s can’t afford Jaguars.” Where did she learn about Jaguars, anyway?. We don’t know anyone that drives one. But we know alot of people driving minivans.

After reading Start Saving, Henry. We discussed her allowance and the Spend, Save, Donate plan. I asked, “What are you saving for?” Her response, “A Jaguar.”

A few minutes later, ML changed her mind declaring “I’m saving for college. I want to go to Duke and it’s expensive.” I didn’t burst her bubble, $1.25 a week for 12 years is $5475. Probably, won’t pay for a week at Duke in the year 2025.

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