Month: June 2013

Open Wide!


ML loves going to the dentist. Recently, I had a dental appointment. She didn’t. She cried all the way to school.

Open Wide! A Look Inside Animal Mouths by Catharine Ham highlights a variety of animals’ mouths. ML was more interested in looking at the photographs than reading the poetic text. She loved the cheetah. My favorite was the elephant. Who knew such a big animal has such a small mouth?

Can you study animal dentistry? It might be the perfect fit for ML.



ML never drew on the walls. From the time she was allowed to use crayons and markers unsupervised, I explained drawing on walls wasn’t appropriate. So she drew on her desk chair and dollhouse. After discovering this I explained, “We only draw on paper.”

Doodleday by Ross Collins is about a mother warning her son not to draw on Doodleday. She then leaves for the store. What do you think the kid does? He draws. The result major. . . havoc in his house and neighborhood. Luckily, his mom is able to save the day.

Did you ever draw on something other than paper?

Dog’s Colorful Day


ML and I didn’t read Dog’s Coloful Day by Emma Dodd over and over together. But for 3 weeks straight, I caught her reading it all over the house. On the floor in the living room, up in her loft, and while she hid in my bed.

Why wasn’t she asking me to read it? I think learning to read finally clicked for her. The text is simple and repetitive. The illustrations are colorful. It’s a fun book.

What’s the first book you remember reading independently?

Birthday Presents


When ML is invited to a birthday party, I take her to Quail Ridge Books. It’s fun to see what she picks. She takes this job seriously. Recently, she was invited to the birthday party of a set of twins. She methodically shopped for one of the boys; then the other. . . thinking very carefully about each one’s interests.

As a parent, I love the free gift wrapping at the local bookstore. When buying multiple presents, they put little sticky notes with the recipient name on the wrapped book. It’s a great service until the notes are accidently removed. Luckily, ML remembered. She made certain her handmade cards were on the appropriate “butys” book.

Has one of your “butys” ever given you the perfect book?

I Spent My 6th Year in a Sycamore Tree

The backyard of my childhood had an enormous sycamore tree. The lowest branch was too high for me to reach. Everyday after kindergarten, I carried a chair outside and put it under the tree. I used it to boost me into the tree. Then, I kicked it away.

Some of you climbed my sycamore tree. At least one of you, heard your father yell, “Get down from that tree now.” You were almost at the tippy top.

ML loves trees. We moved a few years ago. The hardest part for ML. . . leaving her friends and the fig tree.

A new book arrived at the library recently, Picture a Tree by Barbara Reid. We read it last weekend. My tree hugger/climber/lover gives it two thumbs up.

The illustrations are created from plasticine, an oil based, squishable, never dries out modeling clay. I am buying some this week. Can’t wait to see what ML creates. I’m hoping a tree.

Nurse ML


A month ago, we read a new book called Nurse Clementine by Simon James. Today, ML closed the car door on her elbow on the way to Trader Joe’s. Luckily, one of ML’s favorite sitters works there. She saved the day with ice in a plastic glove.

My mother was a scarf person before they were cool. I am glad I kept them. It’s fun to see ML dressing up in Grandma Nell’s scarves. Today she used one to bandage her arm. She looked like Clementine’s brother.

ML the Messy Sleeper


There is a book called Buglette the Messy Sleeper by Bethanie Deeney Murguia. In 2011, this book arrived at the library. I immediately took it home because ML is a messy sleeper. Rarely is she allowed to crawl into bed with me. However, she has a loft, which means I insist she climbs in bed with me anytime she feels queasy. Trust me! Cleaning vomit out of a loft at 3:00 a.m. is a nightmare.

With daylight lasting longer, we are staying up later. In addition, summer is busy at the library. Last night, I heard footsteps. I felt a poke in the side. Then, I heard a little voice saying, “Mommy, I’m scared.” Usually, I talk to her and put her back in her bed. Last night in my exhaustion, I said, “Climb into my bed.” This morning, I remembered why she sleeps in her bed. My body is aching from being kicked and jabbed.

Another book by Murguia is Snippet the Early Riser. Thankfully, this is not ML. I’ll take messy over early any day of the week. . . especially Saturday mornings.