A Tough Choice: Mustache Baby vs A Funny Little Bird vs This Little Piggy

Last night we read 3 recently published books.  They were all winners.

Mustache Baby by Bridget Heos won top spot with ML.  She wouldn’t let me return it to the library today.  On Heos website there are silly Mustache Baby games and craft ideas.  I’m seeing an impromptu mustache party at our house this summer.

I have read thousands of children’s books.  Many are variations on the same theme.  It’s refreshing to read a unique variation on the theme of self acceptance.  Thank you Jennifer Yerkes for your book,  A Funny Little Bird.  With simple yet magicial illustrations, it is on my short list for the Caldecott Award.  It honors the best illustrated book in children’s literature.

The third book was This Little Piggy by Tim Harrington.  It explores what happens if the other foot wants to be piggies too.  There is a free song that can be downloaded from the publishers website.  I look forward to using it in preschool storytime.

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